More than words An introduction to communication PDF

more than words

More Than Words in an introductory book related to communication practice and its theory. The author briefly defines the ways of communications including the communication among individuals, groups and organizations. It provides an structured approach towards the subject. It also gives vast example of the real world applications with short practical activities and resource lists. This edition is fully revised and updated to the previous one. It is updated with new developments in communication and media studies. It also focuses on practical communication and media skills. This book is an…

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French man sues Uber for ruining his marriage


Uber is one of the most famous cars sharing service. You just have to click a tab through your smart phone and the car will be ready for you to serve. It seems to be very beneficial for everyone. But it will be very surprising for you to know that a French man sues Uber. Moreover, the reason behind suing is also very interesting. He has sued the company for ruining his marriage. The real story of Uber App It seems to be very odd to listen to sue a…

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