Find WiFi – Facebook feature now available to all users

facebook find wifi

Just last year, Facebook introduced a testing feature that helps us to find public wifi. The feature was initially introduced for iOS users and in specific locations only. But now Facebook is rolling out with a new update. What is Facebook’s ‘Find WiFi’? UN Declares Internet Access as a Basic Human Right. There are several free wifi hotspots available in public places. Facebook’s new feature ‘Find WiFi’ helps the user to find these public Wi-Fi networks around. Also read: List of Free WiFi Spots in Lahore for public How can you…

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A horrible experience with Uber

Today, I had a horrible experience with Uber. I booked Uber outside Diplomatic Enclave to G13/2. First of all, the driver came 15 minutes late however on a map it was showing 5 mins away. What happened when Uber arrived When I opened the car door couple of things were lying on the seat and driver said me rudely ” Cheezain side p rakh k beth jain”.Then he started a very rash driving. He turned on the radio and said I him to please turn it off. He replied me…

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Uber just fixed the most annoying thing about its app

Uber is one of the most famous and popular car-sharing rides. It is working in most of the countries around the world. It’s been 8 great years for Uber with its application. But its users have 1 frequent complaint. The problem that users face while using Uber is that they cannot change the pickup location. Once they have booked the ride, their pickup location is fixed. They cannot cancel the ride also as it will deduct cancellation charges. And they also have a fear that next time they may have…

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