4 year old girl saved her mom’s life with Siri

After a number of years, it is still common that Apple’s Siri – Virtual voice Assistant –  does not understand basic commands correctly. However earlier this month, on an occasion when a 4 year old girl Roman needed some help in the emergency.

4 year old girl saved her mom's life with Siri

Roman lives in the Kenley district in Croydon in the UK. On March 7th, 2017 she found her mother lying on the floor motionless. She tried woke her but her mother didn’t open her eyes. On the spot, little Roman found her mother’s iPhone. She pressed the home button to invoke the Siri and asked her for help.

You can hear her audio conversion in the video below.


How Siri helped 4-year-old girl and saved her mother’s life

Siri connected Roman to an emergency operation service (999 rescue service in the UK). The operator took the note and sent officers to her location within 13 minutes of receiving the call. The rescue team took her mother to the hospital and she got back to her consciousness.

It was just her mother’s luck that Roman got easy help using the virtual assistant Siri. This story also highlighted the importance of the modern technologies of virtual assistants. It is not clear if the little Roman would have been able to call the emergency by her own or not. Even if she would know the required emergency service or not.

The news explore new ideas to the virtual assistance technologies

Little Roman’s story raises questions about how the voice assistants technologies could have been more better. These technologies are now being embedded in the connected speakers, so how it should interpret the commands from close family members. Also, it needs to consider if such technologies are able to reach the emergency support services or not.

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