How will Lahore airport look after new Extension of Terminal Buildings

The airports of Pakistan have been termed as worst as a comparison to the airports of the world. Fortunately, the government of Pakistan has taken some great steps to regain the glory. The Islamabad airport will be operational this year. And the new extension of Allama Iqbal international airport will also help to develop a better image. Lahore airport will soon be one of the best airports in the world. The new terminal buildings will be one of its kind.

New extension of terminal buildings in Lahore airport

National flower Jasmine is the inspiration of the new airport design. The construction firm has allegedly requested two and half years time for the finishing of the venture. The new terminal buildings will have many facilities that will serve the passengers. Many Restaurants, waiting areas, meeting rooms and much more are planned to constructed.

The number of planes at the primary terminal will be expanded to 22. The current number is only 7. This will facilitate local as well as international flights. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) wanted to attempt significant development of the current traveler terminal working at Allama Iqbal International Air Port (AIIAP), Lahore. Moreover, it is to upgrade its yearly traveler limit from 6.5 million to around 20 million with world class offices to provide food for the necessities for next 15 to 20 years. Lahore Airport is to wind up plainly the focal air terminal travel center point.

Features of new extension in Allama Iqbal International airport

The expansion plan does not only facilitate passengers and planes. But, there would be many more technological developments. Recently, the anti-fog system is implemented that helps the planes to land even during dense fog. Similarly, many more tech features will be there. Demolition of the current airport building is not in the plan.  The extension in the west won’t happen because of the runway. The terminal building will have many technological features that will facilitate planes and passengers.

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