How to build Useful and Engaging Mobile Apps

How to build Useful and Engaging Mobile Apps

We are living in era of technology where everyone is struggling to learn How to build Useful and Engaging Mobile Apps. Now a day mobile users are increasing as compared to desktop users so developers are focusing to develop engaging apps. There is estimation that about 2.2 billion apps are expected to be downloaded in 2017. In the same way 2016 was also the year of mobile apps as 2.2 million apps were downloaded for android and two million apps for apple store were downloaded as well.

So in market of technology, developers make strategies how to build useful and engaging mobile apps. To be more successful in market you need to develop those kinds of apps who are useful, engaging and can attract user’s interests. Some mobile apps are so addictive that according to researches users utilize 10 to 20 apps per week. To develop useful and engaging apps, strategies are developed that connect app functionality and experience with people based on intent and mobile behavior.

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Your app should meet all user needs and should evolve with the passage of time.

How to build Useful and Engaging Mobile Apps

Micro-Moments and App Development:

Lots of developers out there can learn from google about micro moments. And they need to understand how connected users search for mobile apps by using relevant information.

With the passage of time google has learnt about customer’s behavior which has changed with the passage of time like how they search, why they search and what they search. And google call these micro moments and they split this in different scenarios

  • I want to go…
  • I want to buy…
  • I want to know…
  • I want to do…

In any of these five scenarios or micro-moments, consumers use the web or are in search of killer apps to help them accomplish their goals.

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App Navigation and Exploration:

  1. Show the value of your app upfront
    Engage users by addressing and clearing their tasks openly, placing calls to action up front and center.
  2. Make it easy to manually change location
    Users can save their time by turning on auto location. However, sometimes it happens when users need to find a store whose location can’t be determined. Make manual entry of location easy and straightforward.
  3. Organize and label menu categories to be user-friendly
    Users struggle and try to make changes and distinguish menu categories that do not align with their mental models for categories.
  4. Create frictionless transitions between mobile apps and the mobile web
    Users can get frustrated when an app takes them to the mobile web for more content or to complete a task. Ensure a consistent design to support the transition.

In-App Search

  1. Prominently display the search field
    Users with a specific task or need will typically look for a search field.
  2. Use effective search indexing
    Search indexing ensures that search results are beneficial. User expects it to work like Google.
  3. Provide filter and sort options
    Sort options help to search data accurately and help to organize data easily.

Commerce and Conversions:

  1. Provide previous search and purchase information
    Previous searches and previous sales can save user time.
  2. Allow user reviews to view and filter
    Previous users review about app, it helps the new comers to get more confidence.
  3. Build user-friendly forms
    These kinds of forms should be compatible with how users seek information. Design screens that can change multiple input formats rather than make the user adapt to the app’s limitations.
  4. Communicate form errors in real time
    This trick helps and informs users whether their form is successfully submitted and there is no error left.
  5. Speak the same language as your users
    Difficult terms, eccentric language, phrases or brand messages will cause difficulty and frenzy for users.
  6. Let the user control the level of zoom
    Sometimes it happens when users click on image and they want to zoom it. So they should allow to zoom the image.

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