How to buy Bitcoins or Get it for Free

Bitcoins are very popular these days and many news are viral on the net about its worth. The Bitcoins are at its peak and a single Bitcoin worth thousands of dollars. It is for sure that after knowing this fact, everyone wishes to have them. In this article, we are going to tell you the techniques through which either you can buy it or get it for free.

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How to Buy Bitcoins

LocalBitcoins is a website through which you can buy them; the procedure to buy it is given below:

  1. Register yourself at localBitcoins
  2. Go to its home page and enter the currency through which you want to buy them
  3. Pick a trader that is having good repute and high amount of trades as it will ensure that the trader is reliable
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions after clicking on Buy button
  5. Once, you will complete this procedure; the bitcoins will be transferred to the secure wallet

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How to get Bitcoins for Free

There are also many techniques through which you can have Bitcoins for free. Mostly, you have to play games to earn them. Some of the games that make you earn Bitcoins are given below:

  1. The BlockChain Game
    Playing Blockchain game will be interesting and addictive; although it is not like the other free games. You may have to encounter with a number of advertisements as this is the way through which they pay.
  2. Pop Bubbles
    Bicoin-Popper is another exciting Android game that makes you earn Bitcoins. This game have less advertisements interactions than other games that make you earn digital currency.
  3. Read Books is a site run by friendly folks behind the Bitcoin aliens. You can read books through this site and earn money.

It is for sure that after reading this article, you will also have the curiosity to get Bitcoins so stop thinking and start earning.

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