Careem fake promo discount on Pizza Hut

People usually search for Careem or Uber promo codes so that they get some good discounts on their rides. This time just after Rishta service, Careem announced 20% flat discount on Pizza Hut Menu. Excited? Just wait, we are going to cool down all your excitement.

Careem fake promo discount on Pizza Hut

Careem fake promo discount on Pizza Hut

Today a very awkward situation was there between Careem and Pizza hut. Yesterday, we received an email from the Cab service that riders, who have taken rides in the last 48 hours can have 20% discount at pizza hut. The discount can be availed by showing them the e-receipt. Also, this discount is valid from 24th July to 24th August. Although it was not necessary to go to pizza hut by Careem but yet, they were offering discounts. It was a very golden opportunity for all the riders until tonight. The offer was also announced on Careem official Facebook page but later it was deleted.

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Pizza Hut’s Response

People are amazed about the recently posted status by Pizza Hut.  They have directly and clearly disowned such type of offer and said that they deserve every right to take legal action against all those who are using their name without consent. This is a clear mismanagement from the Cab service. Firstly, they have motivated the customers to take Careem rides in order to avail discounts. Pizza Hut administration clearly ruled out such offer by posting this as their status:

Careem and Uber are struggling hard to beat each other. But, today’s mismanagement gives huge drawback to Careem and they also may have to face its consequences. Legal action has not been taken against them yet by Pizza Hut. But, the bad reputation due to all this is a bigger risk for them than the legal action. The company is famous for their unique ways of marketing like recently they have launched Rishta Ride. That campaign has also faced much criticism from the public and now this battle between the two companies.

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