Now you can code JavaScript in Roman Urdu

Coding in JavaScript was never an easy thing to do for the new programmers. Thankfully, newbies are now able to code JavaScript in Roman Urdu. This language is called Urdu Script and it provides an easy and fun way to learn JavaScript.

Asad Memon, the guy who is behind this amazing discovery, took the initiative to introduce an informal Urdu-based programming language. He is also the technical Co-Founder of Remote Interview, a Silicon Valley based startup.

Javascript into UrduScript

  • you write rakho instead of var
    • e.g var name=’Ahmed’ will now become rakho naam=’Ahmed’
  • console.log() can also be written as likho()
    • e.g console.log(“Hi”+name) will become likho(“Hi”+naam)

Why code in Urdu Script?

This is something that is easy to understand for the new programmers. According to Asad Memon, the Pakistani who created Urdu Script had this thing in mind to help the new programmers understand the analogy of different concepts in a feasible way.

Why didn’t he use pure Urdu for UrduScript?

This is a very important question. Having pure urdu words and terminologies in this language was not a good approach. Here are few reasons why:

  • First and foremost,right to left style of code is a nightmare to read.
  • Most of the youngsters are familiar with the Urdish style of writing.
  • Persian style alphabets are non-native to our keyboard.

A simple Hello World pseudo code would’ve become difficult to read if the language was in a pure Urdu format.

So all of the keywords like If, Else, Foreach, While will have a new touch of Urdu. Here are a few examples:

  • IF -> agar
  • Else -> warna
  • function -> kaam
  • while -> jabtak

Now you can code JavaScript in Roman Urdu

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Urdu Script claims itself to be an Urdish dialect of Java Script. We have to admit the fact that this claim is true to a great limit. This language isn’t for experienced professionals but it is very helpful for noob programmers who are struggling to have clear concepts regarding a programming language. The transpiler is written in JavaScript using Sweet.js and all of the source code is available on GitHub. Nonetheless, this is a very sincere contribution of Asad Memon towards the world of programming.

Happy Urdu Scripting everyone !! You can read more details Asad blog.

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