Download HTTrack FREE Website Copier

People need to copy website source code for different purposes. Copying website source code manually is a time taking task. For this purpose, we have a number of software available free on the internet. The most simple and easy software for this purpose I found is HTTrack. HTTrack is easy to download with only single file setup and just very simple in use. You can download HTTrack Free using the link given in this article.

Download HTTrack Free

Download HTTrack FREE Website Copier

  • Click here and skip the ad screen, you will be directed to Microsoft OneDrive link.
  • Right Click on HTTrack file and click download.
  • After finishing your download, open your downloaded file. You will see the installation wizard on the screen.

Installing HTTrack

  • Click Next and select ‘I accept the agreement’. Make sure you have carefully read the agreement.
  • Click Next and Select your installation location. (I select D:\ for my laptop).

httrack download

  • Click Next 3 times.
  • Confirm your installation and click ‘install’.


  • Your installation has now finished. You can now launch HTTrack Website Copier.

Download HTTrack



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