Facebook Analytics reveals the details of Fake accounts on social media

Facebook has gained much popularity in the last decade. Recently, Facebook itself has revealed a report that states their demographics. In these demographics, there are many interesting things to view. Facebook Analytics has shown many facts and figures which are completely opposite to the figures we all suppose. Social media demographics also reveals that there are more fake accounts on Facebook as compared to the original accounts.

Is Gender Equality a cause of these Fake Accounts?

The primary finding isn’t ‘new news’, yet it’s as yet vital: Facebook still seems to experience the difference in gender equality. 56% of the user profiles of Facebook is male dominated. From a relative examination point of view – i.e. 56% male versus 44% female – that implies that “guys” represent 27% more dynamic records than ‘females’.

Facebook Analytics reveals the details of Fake accounts on social media

Facebook Analytics also reveal age groups

Most numbers of facebook users are of age 18. Another hike is for age group 21. It would be more interesting to know that most of the ages finish with digit 6 like. 26, 36, 46, and 56.
The initial two spikes – at 18 and 21 years of age – are maybe less demanding to comprehend, and I speculate these spikes are brought about by one of two potential reasons (or a mix of both):
1. Younger users over-express their real age. They have a specific end goal to have all the earmarks of being of ‘legitimate age’ in their nation
2. Older people under-express their age. They have a specific end goal to seem more youthful than they truly are, possibly for reasons of vanity.

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Some More Details about Social Media

Moreover, Facebook is as banned in China, in spite of the fact that the reports 2 million clients there. Another interesting think that this report has revealed is that there are more Facebook profiles of 18 years old men than the men actually exists in the world. That implies that no less than 1 in 11 of Facebook’s 57 million profiles asserting to be men matured 18 must contain at any rate some false data.

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