A horrible experience with Uber

Today, I had a horrible experience with Uber. I booked Uber outside Diplomatic Enclave to G13/2. First of all, the driver came 15 minutes late however on a map it was showing 5 mins away.

a horrible experience with Uber

What happened when Uber arrived

When I opened the car door couple of things were lying on the seat and driver said me rudely ” Cheezain side p rakh k beth jain”.Then he started a very rash driving. He turned on the radio and said I him to please turn it off. He replied me that “this is my car and you haven’t purchased it in PKR 135“. I replied him I am paying for a ride and then he started mumbling.

I immediately changed my location to F-10 so that I can get drop off as soon as possible. The driver said you are lying you haven’t changed location. Anyhow i dropped at F10 and said him to just keep quiet. While dropping off he said me ” Yeh aap ki baap ki gari nai hai”

In the end total bill was PKR 139 and he took 170 from me. I must say Uber has the most poor , unprofessional and pathetic service. I have serious concern about this as i have to suffer.

Girls, I reiterate please don’t use UBER. This is not safe at all. Furthermore after a ride drivers data vanishes. As a Girl I got really scared of his attitude and behaviour and got really concerned about my safety.

– Madeeha Mazhar Cheema

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