Getting a six in Ludo Star game is just an easy trick

Game Berry Studios launched a game “Ludo Star” on Android and iOS platforms. Believe it or not, it is a game that has crossed 1 Million downloads in a very short span of time. With an overall rating of 4.7 on Android Play Store, Ludo Star has now become popular all over the world. People who didn’t even know that Ludo existed in the first place are now over whelmed to see such a game on their smartphones.

Get a six in Ludo Star game is just an easy trick


Not getting a six in Ludo star?

While most of the people are busy in playing Ludo Star on their smartphones, some of them hate it too. People get offended if they aren’t able to get a 6 to make a comeback in the game or to kill someone’s “pakki goti” (we all know how fun it is !! ). Many of them even uninstalled the game in this process of disappointment.

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Cool trick to get a six in Ludo Star

When you launch the game, a line is displayed which basically explains that strategy is more important than luck in Ludo Star. So following this concept, we’ve come up with an answer to the most commonly asked question about the game. It’s simple. When it’s your turn to roll the dice, instead of rushing it, roll the dice at exactly the first quarter of the clock. Rolling the dice exactly on the quarter of the clock has very high chance of giving you a six. People get hurry to roll the dice. They don’t know that delaying their turn could actually help them to get what they want. Magic happens only when you wait for it.

Rolling a dice exactly on the quarter moment is not always that easy. Here is my video playing Ludo star, getting six every time whenever I rolled my dice on quarter clock.

So keep playing and keep dominating your friends by this little secret we just told you!!

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