No Money for Youtube creators until they reach 10,000 views benchmark

Five years back, YouTube opened their partner program to everybody. This program was a great initiative taken by Google to support YouTube creators. But, currently, they have changed their policy. Now only those creators can earn money that has more than 10,000 views on their videos. The policy has been changed to counter objectionable content.
No Money for Youtube creators until they reach 10,000 views benchmark

“In half a month, we’ll additionally be including an audit procedure for new makers who apply to be in the YouTube Partner Program. After a maker hits 10k lifetime sees on their channel, we’ll survey their action against our arrangements,” composed Ariel Bardin, VP of product management. “In the case of everything looks great, we’ll bring this channel into YPP and start serving advertisements against their substance. Together these new edges will assist guarantee income just streams to makers who are playing by the principles.”

Youtube countering Blasphemous Content

Furthermore, publishing blasphemous content was one of the major issues for many people. Many governments have also complained regarding this issue. Now the action taken by the YouTube administration is highly appreciable.

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Obviously, alongside ensuring the makers on its services whose recordings are being re-transferred by scam artists, these new principles may help YouTube keep offensive videos far from the brands that burn through cash advertising on their stage. This has been a major issue for YouTube as of late. “This new limit gives us enough data to decide the legitimacy of a channel,” composed Bardin. “It additionally permits us to affirm if a channel is taking after our group rules and publicist arrangements.”


The new policy will act as police to identify and detect such creators which post videos against their rules. It will be easy for the administration to take action against such videos creators.

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