Startups incubated at Plan9 promoting LGBT

Plan9 is an incubator that was made under the umbrella of PITB in order to promote the start-up culture and to help the startups to build up their business. MangoBaaz is also one of its startups and it is the startup that demonstrates the news in an interesting manner. MangoBaaz is proud to broadcast the unheard voices of Pakistan but do all of the Pakistani’s agrees with this. This is a very serious concern that the people are having today as MangoBaaz has also started promoting LGBT in their articles.

Startups incubated at Plan9 promoting LGBT

There are some basic questions that all of us have from MangoBaaz and the concerned departments. It is the need of the time to raise the concerns over this issue and resolve it as soon as possible. Delaying this matter may results in a very negative way for Pakistanis. Here are some questions

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Startups incubated at Plan9 promoting LGBT

• Does MangoBaaz promote LGBT?
• Is the content they are sharing is according to the rules and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?
• As a startup of Plan9, doesn’t the Punjab Government should intervene on this issue?
• What does Dr Umar Saif will say to this issue?
• Does our constitution allow promotion of LGBT rights?

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Today, we all are living in a marketed world. Our minds are greatly influenced by the content we read or watch. Plan9 and all the concerned government departments must analyse these types of issues. Especially PEMRA should develop the code of conduct for such sites. This is to make sure that any immoral and unethical content is not being promoted in the name of freedom of speech.

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