Uber just fixed the most annoying thing about its app

Uber is one of the most famous and popular car-sharing rides. It is working in most of the countries around the world. It’s been 8 great years for Uber with its application. But its users have 1 frequent complaint. The problem that users face while using Uber is that they cannot change the pickup location. Once they have booked the ride, their pickup location is fixed. They cannot cancel the ride also as it will deduct cancellation charges. And they also have a fear that next time they may have…

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Google launches Meet, a video conferencing app


We can always expect great innovations from Google every time and it always come up to the expectations of the users. This time, Google has launched an application named Meet. It is basically a video conferencing application for the business people. Previously, the business community has to face various challenges while doing the video conferencing. They have to face various issues like disconnection, bad video, or sound quality. There was no reliable application for such purpose. But now, Google has solved their problems by launching pure business oriented application for…

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