Facebook coming up with new Group Video Chats

Facebook is currently working on an app that will help its users to make Group Video Chats. The app tends to make a user’s life easy by providing a strong method of communication. Group Video Chats feature now on Facebook Facebook coming up Group Video Chat feature is somewhat similar to House Party. Life on Air launched House Party almost a year ago to help people socialize via group video chats. Facebook already has copied Snapchat’s idea of adding user stories to their timeline. That stories feature has also become quite…

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Facebook Analytics reveals the details of Fake accounts on social media

Facebook has gained much popularity in the last decade. Recently, Facebook itself has revealed a report that states their demographics. In these demographics, there are many interesting things to view. Facebook Analytics has shown many facts and figures which are completely opposite to the figures we all suppose. Social media demographics also reveals that there are more fake accounts on Facebook as compared to the original accounts. Is Gender Equality a cause of these Fake Accounts? The primary finding isn’t ‘new news’, yet it’s as yet vital: Facebook still seems to…

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Social Media websites Facebook, Twitter and google facing trouble in EU


Social media websites including Facebook, twitter, and Google now have to update their terms of service for their European users. According to a  European representative, social media websites have to make changes in their terms of use and user agreements within a month. The representative also mentioned that these websites will face a heavy fine if they failed to make required changes. The European consumer authorities already warned these companies for not following up with the European social-media laws. European authorities put the social media websites on notice The European officials said that…

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Facebook delegation will soon visit Pakistan about Blasphemous content

The interior Minister, Ch. Nisar today informed that Facebook has agreed to discuss the issue regarding the blasphemous content. For this purpose, an official Facebook delegation will soon visit Pakistan. Facebook’s delegation will meet Pakistani officials. The news arrived when Pakistani government threatened to permanently block social media website in case if they do not cooperate in removing that blasphemous content.   Blasphemous content over Facebook Facebook is a place where anyone can post anything. But few evil mind people are also using this freedom to spread hate. A number of…

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Facebook also rolling out a Snapchat like Stories

In the last few months, Facebook introduces Snapchat like stories features in most of its mobile applications. Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger has already been rolled out to stories feature which was first introduced by Snapchat. But now it’s time for Facebook to get change. The Facebook is now going to roll out to snapchat like stories feature. Snapchat like Stories on Facebook Facebook initially tested this feature in the specific region of Ireland in the last of this January. But now Facebook has expanded the tested version to some more countries, including…

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Is Facebook officially going to close in Pakistan

It is getting viral on the internet that facebook and other social media platforms are going to be banned due to the blasphemous pages. It’s been a long time since the people have been demanding the government agencies to take appropriate measures to ban such content. It is very unfortunate that concerned authorities have not taken any step for it. Now the case is in Islamabad high court and strict comments are heard during its hearings. An Islamabad High Court (IHC) judge has demanded a restriction via web-based networking media locales…

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Facebook crackdown against fake news with Disputed Tag

Facebook is one of the major source of information these days. But one can not authenticate the news received from Social media. Propagandist uses Facebook to spread out the fake news over the internet. Now Facebook has decided to crackdown all such low standard fake news. Initially from US, Facebook crackdown with new flag feature against fake news and stories. All these fake stories will be labelled as Disputed. The ‘Disputed’ tag will also link with the source link countering the articles claim. Facebook new filters to mark Fake News as disputed…

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City Guides – Facebook’s new travel planning feature

City Guides

Facebook has been busy testing out the new update to be your travelling buddy. Soon you are going to see a City Guides section in “More” tab of your Facebook app. The social media giant Facebook has launched this new travel planning feature for selected iOS and android users initially. City Guides – The new travel planning feature on Facebook Can’t think of any use of Facebook check-ins data? Well, Facebook has. City Guides could be a potential competitor to Travelling apps Tripkar, Tripadvisor and Foursquare. With this update, you won’t…

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No more Facebook Princess are allowed with new naming filters

Facebook Princess

It is a common trend that girls do not use their original names to create an account on Facebook. Most of the times even educated girls used names like Home Princess, Dad’s princess. It seems to be very awkward in such situation. The reason behind all this is that they wanted to show attitude. Whatsoever the case is, Facebook is going to block all these Facebook Princess. According to the new Facebook guidelines, fake names cannot be used. They have applied new naming filters that ensure that the people are using their…

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WhatsApp app updated with new Snapchat features

Whatsapp app updated

Few months back in September, Facebook’s Whatsapp had introduced snapchat like beta features in their application. These Snapchat beta features allowed you to share photos and videos including GIF images as your status. Finally Facebook has announced to launch the updates yesterday. Now WhatsApp app updated for  iOS, Android and Windows Phones.   Whatsapp app updated with new Snapchat features These new features including a lot on fun like you can now add text, emoji and drawings to your images and videos. Not only this, but also all your contacts will…

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