Social Media websites Facebook, Twitter and google facing trouble in EU


Social media websites including Facebook, twitter, and Google now have to update their terms of service for their European users. According to a  European representative, social media websites have to make changes in their terms of use and user agreements within a month. The representative also mentioned that these websites will face a heavy fine if they failed to make required changes. The European consumer authorities already warned these companies for not following up with the European social-media laws. European authorities put the social media websites on notice The European officials said that…

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Google decides to improve search quality with offensive content flag

The most used search engine Google decides to improve its search quality by applying some new algorithms. These new algorithms will refer the flag content to the review team. Applying these changes, the user will be able to flag the content having racial slurs under the new category upsetting-offensive. The content spreading hate or violence against any group of people based on their gender, race or religion could flag under this category. Google decides to stop showing offensive content in search results Google’s review team with existing system go through websites and other content…

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Google launches Meet, a video conferencing app


We can always expect great innovations from Google every time and it always come up to the expectations of the users. This time, Google has launched an application named Meet. It is basically a video conferencing application for the business people. Previously, the business community has to face various challenges while doing the video conferencing. They have to face various issues like disconnection, bad video, or sound quality. There was no reliable application for such purpose. But now, Google has solved their problems by launching pure business oriented application for…

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Google announces YouTube TV service just for $35

YouTube TV

The tech giant Google has also entered into the TV industry by introducing Youtube TV service. The best thing about this service is that it can only be obtained for $35. It is for sure that youtube Tv will be enter into a major rivalry within the local cable industry. Youtube TV YouTube says that more youthful individuals (“millenials”) need to sit in front of the TV in a similar place they observe all their other substance, which bodes well. It needs to assemble an ordeal that “fills in also…

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Google app will design data dress based on your daily habits

Google Data Dress

Google App will design data dress based on your daily habits The new Google app will design data dress based on your daily habits. Google is currently working with clothing retailer H&M Group in making an app that will design “Data Dress” based on daily habits. This amazing google application is currently under working and will be launched soon. Once the app is released, it will design custom ‘Data Dress’ based on person’s regular activities. H&M Group’s digital fashion house, Ivyrevel, is working on a collaboration with Google called the “Data_Dress.” The…

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