Now Gmail allows you to send money on Android

E-mail stands for Electronic Mail. People can send and share different forms of data using email. They can send text messages, photo snaps, video and audio recordings. So why not money? Now you can send and transfer your money using your email. Google introduces a new feature which allows you to send money via Gmail using android application.   Transfer money via Gmail This money transfer feature is previously available on Gmail web version only with small ‘$’ sign. But it is now very first time that Google launches it for…

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Youtube earning course – 1 day Training Session

youtube earning course

Who do not want to earn online. Youtube is one of the most simplest and easiest way to earn online. Most of our friends want to earn online but they don’t know how to start or where to start. So here we are with something very useful for our friends who want to earn online. We are introducing 1 day training session for Youtube beginners. Yes, iTechUrdu is introducing Youtube earning course very soon. Youtube earning course In this Youtube earning course, we will guide you: Starting your own Youtube channel. Setting…

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