Facebook Analytics reveals the details of Fake accounts on social media

Facebook has gained much popularity in the last decade. Recently, Facebook itself has revealed a report that states their demographics. In these demographics, there are many interesting things to view. Facebook Analytics has shown many facts and figures which are completely opposite to the figures we all suppose. Social media demographics also reveals that there are more fake accounts on Facebook as compared to the original accounts. Is Gender Equality a cause of these Fake Accounts? The primary finding isn’t ‘new news’, yet it’s as yet vital: Facebook still seems to…

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Social Media websites Facebook, Twitter and google facing trouble in EU


Social media websites including Facebook, twitter, and Google now have to update their terms of service for their European users. According to a  European representative, social media websites have to make changes in their terms of use and user agreements within a month. The representative also mentioned that these websites will face a heavy fine if they failed to make required changes. The European consumer authorities already warned these companies for not following up with the European social-media laws. European authorities put the social media websites on notice The European officials said that…

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Build a strong social brand with these 5 fantastic strategies

Build a Strong Social Media Brand with these 5 fantastic Strategies

Build a Strong Social Media Brand with these 5 fantastic Strategies There is lot of chaos and frenzy on social media and you want people to hear your voice above all this confusion.  You can build a strong social media brand with these 5 fantastic strategies to get other’s attention. Social media is over crowded with people and competitors. And there are lot of confusions which can take spotlight off your brand. There are different strategies which can teach how we can build strong social media brand which unique features…

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